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Welcome to Nikki Doodles,

home of the FEET COOLERS

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Nikki Doodles offers innovative, handmade Feet Cooler mats for those who have hot or burning feet during the night or anytime of the day.

If you are experiencing hot or burning feet especially at night and is causing you to have a restless sleep, you've come to the right place! Nikki Doodles offers Feet Cooler mats, the most innovative product that will keep your feet and legs cool and comfortable for hours. No more dunking your feet in ice cold bucket of water only to become hot again during the night, no more having the ice pack thaw out just as you're about to go to sleep. The Feet Cooler mats have moisture releasing crystals that allow the mats to stay cool all night long without the wet feeling, allowing you to have a restful sleep.

Feet Cooler mats are flexible and versatile. They can be applied to any parts of your body, such as your sore back, your knees and even your shoulders. Just be aware of the added weight when applying onto your neck, top of your head or atop any parts of your body.

Nikki Doodles stands by its products. The Feet Cooler mats are made with durable 100% cotton fabric and is non-toxic. We offer beautiful patterns to choose from and will be adding more in the future so please stop by often!

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